About this website

This website is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud in the Azure Kubernetes Service. The website uses Kubernetes to autoscale a WordPress / Bitnami MariaDB installation that was installed from the Kubeapps Helm Chart.

The free Allegiant theme from CPO Themes provides the base styling. All graphics were produced via either molecule renders produced using VMD, or from photographs taken by the BioSimSpace team. The graphics were modified in a fully licensed (though admittedly old) version of Photoshop Elements 10. These were produced on a MacBook running macOS High Sierra (which is slightly incompatible with Photoshop Elements – we had to disable automatic saving of thumbnails else otherwise Photoshop crashes whenever anything is saved!).

The site relies on the following WordPress plugins:

This website connects to the BioSimSpace Jupyter service. This is also hosted on the Azure Kubernetes Service. This supplies a JupyterHub service installed via the JupyterHub Helm Chart. The hub was installed using a custom Docker image that contains a complete BioSimSpace installation (all software and licenses fully described here).

Finally(!) all of this is loadbalanced via an nginx ingress service that was set up following this very helpful tutorial.