This package provides functionality for viewing molecules and creating graphs when using BioSimSpace interactively within a Jupyter notebook.


The View class provides a wrapper around NGLView to enable visualisation of molecular systems. View can directly display a molecular system, or can attach to a running Process to allow real-time visualisation of molecular configurations while a process is running.

import BioSimSpace as BSS

# Create a molecular system.
system = BSS.readMolecules(["ala.crd", ""])

# Create a view object for the system.
view = BSS.NoteBook.View(system)

# View all of the molecules in the system.

# View the first molecule in the system.

# View a list of molecules.
view.molecule([0, 5, 10])

# Create a default equilibration protocol.
protocol = BSS.Protocol.Equilibration()

# Start a simulation process.
process =, protocol)

# Attach a view to the running process.
view = BSS.Notebook.View(process)

# View the latest molecular system.


This is a simple wrapper around Matplotlib for plotting time-series data.

For example:

# Generate a plot of time vs total energy.
BSS.Notebook.plot(process.getTime(time_series=True), process.getTotalEnergy(time_series=True),
    xlabel="Time (ns)", ylabel="Energy (kcal/mol)")