Funders and Supporters
Meet our team

Lester Hedges

Research Software Engineer on the BioSimSpace project. Lester develops most of the foundation software for BioSimSpace.

Antonia Mey

Researcher on the BioSimSpace project. Toni brings a wealth of experience in free energy methods and applications to help develop the library of workflow nodes supplied with BioSimSpace.

Francesco Gervasio

Francesco Luigi Gervasio is Professor of Chemistry and Structural and Molecular Biology. Prof. Gervasio’s research focuses on the development of computational methods to study molecular recognition and large-scale conformational changes in bio-molecules.

Charles Laughton

Co-I on the BioSimSpace project. Charlie is Professor of Computational Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Nottingham and provides liaison with related software development projects including ExTASY, Multiscale Complex Genomics and Longbow.

Julien Michel

Workflows developer on the BioSimSpace project. Julien leads a biophysical research group at the University of Edinburgh.

Adrian Mulholland

Adrian is Professor of Chemistry, and Head of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, at the University of Bristol. He is Chair of the EPSRC-funded UK Collaborative Computational Project on Biomolecular Simulation, CCP-BioSim.

Christopher Woods

Software Architect on the BioSimSpace project. Christopher manages the Research Software Engineering Group at the University of Bristol. He is the lead developer behind the Sire molecular simulation framework